Monitoring & Inspection

In order to operate hot and cold water distribution systems safely they must function within specific temperature tolerances:

Cold water distribution systems must deliver water below 20oC within 2 minutes of opening an outlet.

Cold water storage tanks must store water below 20oC and allow no more than a 2oC rise between inlet and stored temperatures.

Hot water distribution systems must deliver water above 50oC within 1 minute of opening an outlet.

Stored hot water must be maintained above 60oC.

Domestic hot water circulatory systems must return the water to the cylinder above 50oC.

Cold water storage tanks, calorifiers and storage vessels must be free from rust, sludge, bio-films, algae or any other source of nutrients.

To ensure the efficacy of temperature control regimes and to monitor the quality of storage vessels Cleartech Water Services design and implement periodic monitoring programmes specifically tailored to suit your requirements.